The People Behind Early Warning Indicators

As we’ve been emphasizing in our previous posts, data alone is never enough. Data is just a tool that educators can use to identify and remove possible barriers to student success. And because many inequities are built into our educational system, we need people at all organizational levels who know how to collect, analyze, and […]

The Importance of Setting-Level Data in an Early Warning System

Identifying students in need of extra support is just one of the benefits of using an early warning system (EWS). As High School Graduation and College Readiness Indicator Systems: What We Know, What We Need to Know makes clear, an EWS should also “systematically focus, guide, and assess school improvement” and “hold schools accountable for […]

What Does MTSS Even Mean?

Presented by Jaime Harris – Transcription Below Introduction Welcome to the Illuminate Whiteboard Series. I’m Jaime Harris. I am the Co-Founder of eduCLIMBER. I am a practicing school psychologist, and I’m also the Product Manager for Data Visualization here at Illuminate. Today, we’re gonna be talking about a multi-tiered system of supports or MTSS. So […]

Student-Level Data in an Early Warning System: Less is More

In the last post, we discussed the importance of using just a few proven early warning indicators (EWI) to avoid overwhelming teachers, administrators, parents, and students with unnecessary data points. We learned that attendance, behavior, and course performance are far and away the best indicators of student outcomes, and that these “ABCs” should form the […]